1500 Horsepower Jeep – Fast Brick

1500 Horsepower Jeep – Fast Brick

Aerodynamics is one of the most important characteristics for one vehicle. That’s why the fast sports cars are usually low to the ground, and the designers are spending so much time to get the right shape of the chassis. We’ve seen a lot of good designed sports cars with a good aerodynamics, but the questions is, can vehicles be fast without aerodynamics? Well, we just might have the answer for you.


On the video bellow you can see a 1500 horsepower Jeep beating sports cars on the drag race track like it is the easiest thing to do. That seems unbelievable knowing the fact that the shape of the Jeep is almost like a brick. This one is probably a fast brick. With this much horsepower this vehicle is able to do a 9 seconds 1/4 mile. Pretty impressive we must admit. Enjoy the video!

Source: 1320video

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