1927 Ford Model T – Double Trouble

1927 Ford Model T – Double Trouble

This is a very old model of Ford, customized and modified like no other on this planet. Built with two engines – placed next to each other, this car is really one of a kind in the hot rod / rat rod world. This kind of engine modification (two engines side by side) is nothing new, it was used back in the 50’s and 60’s drag racing. There isn’t much space for the driver inside this hand-made car but every man will enjoy driving this 1927 Ford Model T if he get a chance to do that.

ford model t 08

You must wonder what kind of engines (two) are powering this ‘Thing’. Well there are two 4.6 L modular V8’s, FOUR superchargers producing out of this world 1200 horsepower. Most engineers will say that this vehicle will never ever going to roll because of the two engines side by side with one belt system and one transmission, but this one rolls very well.

Video Source: /DRIVE

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