1939 Plymouth Radial Air – Crazy Truck

1939 Plymouth Radial Air

You’ll never guess what kind of an engine powers this crazy 1939 Plymouth. We are here to describe the whole project from the very  beginning. The son of the owner of this car was obsessed with airplanes when he was young. The original “old” truck sat down for almost 30 years. The Corn family didn’t know what to do with this classic 1939 Plymouth but then the idea was born. They’ve decided to install 1950s seaplane 300 horsepower engine into this 1939 Plymouth truck.

1939 plymouth

At first they didn’t know if this idea will work, but when one grows up around metal that doesn’t matter, he just starts welding. It may look like a joke but this vehicle actually works. Not only that the engine starts or is moving the truck but the speed is good also. This truck was planed to run the Bonneville salt flats, but the race got canceled twice. The interior inside also reminds of an airplane.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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