1952 Chrysler Imperial Parade Car

1952 Chrysler Imperial Parade Car

Very rare piece of art built for and used by the city of Los Angeles. It’s a 1952 model year that looks like a 1956 model year, that’s because it is upgraded through the years. Not much of a protection for the passengers at the back seat. There are no bullet proof windows or something similar, but let’s not forget this car was used in the 50’s. From the inside of this vehicle there is almost nothing interesting, only the microphone for the speakers that are positioned on the front and the rear bumper.

1952 chrysler imperial

Under the hood of this huge 1952 Chrysler Imperial there is a 331 cubic inch Hemi engine. One of the most interesting facts about this car is that it is still used for at least once a month for different purposes. Driving this Chrysler may give you a feeling of driving a boat, but the elegance and the comfort are pleasure for sure.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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