1952 MG TD Hot Rod – Jay Leno’s Garage

1952 MG TD Hot Rod – Jay Leno’s Garage

We are in the famous Jay Leno’s Garage with one very unique 1952 MG TD Hot Rod. This classic vehicle is not exactly stock, but surly it is worth owning and driving. The owner of this car bought it in 1970, today this 1952 MG TD is in better shape than ever before. There are a lot of modifications, including the engine itself, but there are still the original MG brakes on it. ¬†Also one of the most interesting details that gets everybody’s attention, are the front retro wheels combined with big but also retro looking back wheels.

1952 mg td

Speaking about the engine, there is 350 cubic inch machine producing about 350 horsepower combined with 3-speed hydro transmission. It’s hard to believe but there was a nos / nitro installed on this hot rod, which helped for the 127 mph speed record, set on the drag track.

Source:¬†Jay Leno’s Garage

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