1955 Ford ThunderBird 292 Convertible

1955 Ford ThunderBird 292 Convertible

The classic cars enthusiasts might like to take a look at this 1955 Ford ThunderBird 292 red convertible. It’s in a very good condition painted in red with a nice looking chrome bumper in front combined with an impressive front grill. The hood scoop is one little racing detail, otherwise the vehicle would look just like a classic luxury car.

1955 ford thunderbird

A lot of other chrome details on the outside of this ThunderBird including the chrome mirror from the left. From the inside, there is a red and white interior with the original style door panels and power windows.This 1955 Ford Thunderbird is powered by the original 292 V8 engine producing about 198 horsepower. The transmission is 3-speed automatic. One more cool detail, is the dual exhaust comes through the chrome bumper on the back of the vehicle.

Source: RamblinAround

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