1956 Corvette SR2 – Birth of a Legend

1956 Corvette SR2 – Birth of a Legend

When people see a Corvette, no matter of their age or from which corner of the Earth they’re coming, first thing they wanna do is drive it. The 1956 Corvette SR2 is a creation of Harley Earl. The idea was to create a racer that can handle with the fastest Europeans out on the track. His son was racing a Ferrari back in the day and the basic idea was to make his son change that with an American vehicle. More than 17 guys worked day and night in a styling studio in Warren Michigan, to convert the 1956 Corvette into SR2.

corvette sr2

They have lengthen the car and give it more powerful engine, a lot of aerodynamic modification on the chassis; this car was made to race and to win. The car is referred to the first General Motors sponsored purpose built Corvette racer. It’s a hell of a rare vehicle. This is one of two (non ever sold publicly) models. Just imagine how high the price can get on a public auction.

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