1963 Chevy Corvette Split Window

1963 Chevy Corvette Split Window

The second generation of Chevy Corvettes begins with this 1963 model year. This sports two-seat version from Chevrolet, also known as Sting Ray, has a very specific split-ed back window combined with nice looking short tail. Not only brand new design for the start of this second generation, but there is also new handling prowess. The power brake option was integrated into only 15 percent of the produced vehicles, power steering into 12 percent and about 400 cars were produced with leather interior.

chevy corvette

Speaking about the engine, the standard 1963 models have 327 cu-in engine that produces 250 horsepower / 187 kW. However, there are some optional engine versions that produce 300 horsepower / 224 kW, 340 horsepower / 254 kW and the most powerful of all – 360 horsepower / 272 kW.

Video Source: RK Motors Charlotte

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