1964 Dodge Hemi 330 – Brute Force of the Hemi Engine

1964 Dodge Hemi 330 – Brute Force of the Hemi Engine

We are all familiar with the Nostalgia Super Stock, but man these cars are insanely powerful. With the start of the engine you will realize that this is not an ordinary Mopar. Even for today’s standards, this 1964 Dodge Hemi 330 is way too powerful and faster than most of the “iconic” modern muscle cars.

dodge hemi

In the early 60’s, with the beginning of the American muscle car “Golden Era”, most of the automotive manufacturers had participated in the super stock drag racing. The best example of that time is this 1964 Dodge 330 with 800 horsepower Hemi under the hood. On the first run it pass 1/4 mile in 10.16 seconds with a speed of 139.82 mph. The second solo run, 10.05 seconds and 139.36 mph. While the third run it records the time of 9.98 seconds with a speed of 139.59 mph.

Enjoy the video, source: victoryredcolorado

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