1965 Dodge Dart – Mopars at the Strip

1965 Dodge Dart – Mopars at the Strip

The production of this iconic Dodge vehicle started back in 1960. The last model was produced in 1976. For the first two years of production, this car was a full-size class, the third year (1962) it was mid-size class and the other 13 years of production Dart was a compact. However, there were four different generations. This particular 1965 Dodge Dart is a part of of the third generation (1963 – 1966). Dodge Dart is related to Plymouth Valiant, Chrysler Valiant and Dodge Phoenix.

1965 dodge dart

Under the hood of this particular 1965 Dodge Dart there is 273 cubic inch four-barrel custom engine with 4-speed transmission. The original one was a 2-barrel combined with automatic transmission. The 273 is the Chrysler’s first small-block engine, produced for the first time back in 1964.

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