1967 Fastback Mustang – Helleanor

1967 Fastback Mustang – Helleanor

This is an incredible classic machine that will caught everybody’s attention with the power of its engine. We all know the 1967 Fastback Mustang (1967 Shelby GT500) model as ‘Eleanor’ from the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, in combination with ‘Bullitt‘ Mustang, makes the two out of a few most popular pony cars in the universe. One of the most interesting fact about this vehicle is that it is a steel-bodied and also street legal, beside the fact that is specially created for drag racing.

fastback mustang

We know that you are impatient to know what’s under the hood of this beast. Well the Ford Mustang fans may be a little bit disappointed knowing the fact that this car is Chevy powered. GM SBC 6.4 L – 388 cubic inch V8 engine producing more than 2000 horsepower. There are also two 82 mm Turbo units that can deliver up to 36 psi of boost. This beast goes 1/4 mile in just 7 seconds.


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