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1968 AMC AMX

This vehicle is kind of a American Motor’s version of Corvette. Pretty interesting with unusual color for American car built in the 60’s. The history behind this car and it’s color is quite interesting. Back in 1968, Playboy went to the AMC factory and ordered this particular color, like the rest Playmates of the Year (cars). The owner bought this AMX in very poor condition and had to repair the whole car. He says that the only part that was straight on this vehicle was the windshield.

1968 amc amx

It’s all stock under the hood of this AMX. There is a 290 cubic inch engine creating about 230 horsepower. The transmission is 3-speed automatic. Not so powerful but if you are an AMC AMX enthusiast, this car will definitely get your attention.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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