1968 Chevy “Badmaro” SS – The Best Story Ever Told

1968 Chevy “Badmaro” SS – The Best Story Ever Told

This story is the best example of how should every drag racer start a carrier. The 16 year old Alex Taylor has been helping her dad building a drag racer since she was a little girl, but now she has become a real pro in drag racing. Alex has this car more than one year and her dad had helped her building this 1968 Chevy Camaro SS, she worked hard on this car and learned how to weld and paint but also she knows everything about the engine.

1968 Chevy

This is her third year at NHRA Holley Hot Rod Reunion and being the youngest driver, Alex has good results. Her 1968 Chevy “Badmaro” SS first had the LS1 naturally aspirated engine, but they have replaced with brand new 6.0 liter LS and two turbines for an extra power. For the engine management they use Holly Dominator EFI and as we can see from the video, it’s not a big problem for her reaching 112 mph and much more than that.

Source: HolleyPerformance

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