1968 Dodge Coronet – The Perfect Classic

1968 Dodge Coronet – The Perfect Classic

1968 Dodge Coronet on the menu today. Customizing an American muscle car is always a challenge but, customizing a Mopar is a real deal. Check out this silver painted 1968 Coronet with black wheels on it. The guys from Gas Monkey Garage bought this Dodge Coronet for $6500, which is pretty good deal. Getting behind the wheel of this classic muscle feels like you are 17 again.

1968 dodge coronet

Many people don’t know that the production of the Dodge Coronet started long time ago, back in 1949. It started like a full-size vehicle and ended (in 1976) as a mid-size car. The 1968 model year is a part of the fifth and the most popular generation. The most powerful engine used for this fifth generation is the popular 440 cubic inch – 7.2 liter Magnum V8.

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