1968 Dodge SlamCharger – The Coolest Charger Ever Made

1968 Dodge SlamCharger – The Coolest Charger Ever Made

Every muscle car enthusiast has his own story, from purchasing an old and rusty car till making what he ever dreamed of. But we all know that’s not an easy task and it require serious knowledge, skills and experience. This 1968 Dodge Charger is built by Muscle Rod Shop and they have made a lot of modifications on this Charger body also suspension, engine, wheels and tires. The end result is this coolest Charger ever made.

Source: senochs71’s channel

This 1968 Dodge SlamCharger is powered by Chrysler 389 cubic inch Big-Block V8 engine with Holley 750-cfm carburetor. Chrysler A833 four-speed manual Transmission system is connected with Chrysler 8¾-inch rear-end. Brakes are made by Baer, 11-inch at front and 10.75-inch rear discs all equipped with Centerline Lazer II wheels and Nitto Invo tires. Enjoy the videos bellow.

Source: RK Motors Charlotte


  1. Coolest Charger eh? Like its GREEN for a start…everyone knows the coolest Chargers are black on black – Second..what makes anyone think that over-size tonka toy wheels look good on old cars?….. Well may e if you’re checking on the boitches down the hood…but not in any REAL car scene. Sorry…FAIL…. A long way from being genuinely cool.

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