1968 L88 Corvette 427 Coupe

1968 L88 Corvette 427 Coupe

Only 80 lucky people got their hands on one of these special Corvettes back in 1968, and now we can see one up close. 1968 was a big year for the Chevrolet Corvette, this was an all new design and whole other bunch of things happened. First of all, Chevrolet changed the way Corvettes were manufactured which means a whole new process how these cars were built.

l88 corvette

This particular Chevy Corvette is fitted with the RPO L88 package, which makes it one of the rarest Corvettes ever built. The 427 cubic inch engine is enough for the range of 450-550 horsepower. With the heavy-duty suspension and brakes, this model is as close to a full race Vette as you could buy back in 1968.

Source: MuscleCarOfTheWeek

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