1968 Plymouth GTX – The Mysterious Mopar

1968 Plymouth GTX – The Mysterious Mopar

Scotty and the Traveling Charity Road Show 2014 has revealed one of the most interesting Mopar ever produced. Here we look at the most rare and powerful 1968 Plymouth GTX ever made. But the mystery behind this muscle car nobody knows, even his previous two owners. They claim that they had bought this 1968 Plymouth GTX with factory 461 cubic-inch engine, but there is no record of the factory production line with that kind of engine, instead there should be “standard” 440.

1968 plymouth gtx

Beside his mysterious engine, this 1968 Plymouth has been fully restored and looks amazing. The 461 cubic-inch engine comes with three-barrel carburetor and those are all information about this Mopar. But the most interesting story is that the previous owner claimed that this GTX had reached the top speed of 217 mph back in 70’.

Enjoy the video, thanks to ScottieDTV

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