1969 AMC Hurst SC / Rambler

1969 AMC Hurst SC / Rambler

One of the best way to built a car that goes fast and is fun to drive, is to start with something small and lightweight. And that’s exactly what happens with this car – 1969 Hurst SC / Rambler (a lot of people call it Scrambler). In fact ‘SC’ stands for Super Car which is exactly what the AMC (American Motor Company) made with this vehicle, beside the fact that they weren’t really known for building high performance cars. Only two different paint skins, A and B, available for this model, including the three standard red, blue and white colors.


When you open the hood, the first thing you notice is the big scoop on top of the 390 cu-in engine. This engine produces 315 horsepower and 425 ft-lb of torque, featured by 4-speed Hurst transmission. All of this combined with a lightweight of the car is enough to surprise some of the biggest muscle car names on the road, and the price is incomparable.

Video Source: V8TV

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