1969 Ford Mustang Trans Am – Agent 47 Harbinger

1969 Ford Mustang Trans Am –  Agent 47 Harbinger

This 1969 Trans-Am Ford Mustang is fully customized by Agent 47 – a small company from Vista, California, founded in 2005. But what’s more important, they have made a real track racing monster. As we can see on the picture and the video below this Harbinger Mustang looks amazing with its matte black painted body and super aggressive design.

1969 ford mustang

The machine under the hood of this Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang is modern Ford Racing Boss 302 Crate V8 engine and it’s creating 420 horsepower and 385lb-ft of torque. The engine power is transferred from the front wheels via six-speed transmission system. There are 18 inches Forgeline wheels with 315 tires at the front and 335 at the back. This Mustang weighs only 3.040 pounds and has incredible braking performances thanks to Willwood lightweight system.

Video source: RealMCR12

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