1969 Mercury Cyclone – The Scandinavian Muscle Car Enthusiast

1969 Mercury Cyclone – The Scandinavian Muscle Car Enthusiast

The beginning of every muscle car enthusiast starts in younger age, basically when our parents will introduce us the firs car, or will take us in a motor show where for the first time we define what kind of cars we want to drive and in which group of muscle car enthusiast we belong. This is an Alexander Brevik story and his passion for Ford vehicles, which his favorite among them is the 1969 Mercury Cyclone.

1969 mercury cyclone

Alexander owns a lot of Ford vehicles, and each of them requires some kind of repair. And when he is bored of working on his cars, he takes his 1969 Mercury Cyclone and drove it across the countryside. This 1969 Mercury Cyclone under the hood it has Ford’s 351 cubic-inch or 5.8 liter Windsor V8 engine, equipped with four barrel Holley carburetor and three speed manual transmission system. These Cyclone’s came in two versions, 250 and 290 horsepower.

Enjoy the video, source: Petrolicious

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