1969 Oldsmobile – Hurst Limited Edition

1969 Oldsmobile – Hurst Limited Edition

General Motors had a 400 cubic inch V8 size limit that they were using it for any of their mid-size family sedans up until 1970. All the GM divisions had larger engines than 400 cu-in, but they put this in the full-size cars. However in 1968 and 1969, George Hurst was able to work at Oldsmobile to come up with the Hurst Olds Limited Edition Cutlass, that featured an engine bigger than the 400 cu-in limit.


It’s a pretty unique car, both appearance and performance. On the hood there is an aggressive looking fiber glass hood-scoop and its not only a great billboard for the H/O 455 engine, it is also functional with allowing cold air getting to the machine under the hood. This 455 cu-in engine is actually a Toronado short-block, producing 380 horsepower and 500 ft-lb of torque.

Video Source: V8TV

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