1969 Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top

1969 Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top

Would you believe that this car came from a factory like that? This 1969 Plymouth Barracuda has a really cool feature called the mod top and mod interior. This is a reflection of what the automakers were trying to do, to grab customers from the youthful age group. This one is definitely love it or hate it kind of car. Obviously the top has flowers all over it as does the interior.

1969 plymouth

This car was not intended to be sold to people that were gonna go to drag races, this car was intended to be sold to people that were gonna drive it everyday – school, work etc. Under the hood of this vehicle there is a 318 cubic inch engine with a four barrel. The transmission is automatic. This Barracudas were also very lightweight, which meant that even the base model engines provided good performance. The question remains, would you buy this car or not?

Source: MuscleCarOfTheWeek


  1. Hell yes! My wife would look great in it… and it would match my sunfire yellow 68 fastback.

  2. It’s a beautiful car, of course I would buy it. Mod top cars are among the rarest of Mopars especially if it’s a survivor car. It has a collector angle to it and it is in beautiful condition. All that being said, 1967-69 Barracuda’s were some of the best balanced cars ever built. They had incredible handling and acceleration when optioned with the performance package. The 340 equipped cars were considered to be big block killers when optioned correctly. Yes, definitely a worthwhile investment.

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