1969 Plymouth GTX – Big Muscle

1969 Plymouth GTX – Big Muscle

What we got here is 1969 Plymouth GTX, an elephant, a big dog, this is what the other cars want to be when they grow up. Maybe back in the late 1969’s and the early 1970’s not everyone realized that HEMI cars from the Chrysler corporation were something special, but the owner of this car did. He bought him self a unicorn for $2500. We’ve seen a lot of over-restored cars, but there is something beautiful about the original vehicles.

plymouth gtx

When you hear that there is a 426 cubic inch engine under the hood, the word “bad ass” is the first word coming on your mind. This engine produces around 425 horsepower, underrated number maybe but still powerful as hell. This mythical beast is one rare model that represent the era of the American muscle cars at its best.

Source: /DRIVE

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