Talladega Ford – 1969 Cobra Jet 428

1969 Talladega Ford – Cobra Jet 428

This is a limited production Ford – race model, named after a famous speedway. Yeah, some of you can guess, it’s a 1969 Talladega Ford 428 Cobra Jet. The Talladega motor super-speedway was popular NASCAR track and this particular vehicle made its debut in that speedway back in 1969. On first sight, it may look like a Ford Torino but the truth is that this is a very unique car, beside using the Torino platform.

talladega ford

This 69 Ford Talladega is one of only 500 required vehicles ever produced.  These cars were only available in three different colors, Wimbledon white, royal maroon and a presidential blue, but they all had a satin black hood. Under this satin black hood there is 426 cubic inch engine, capable of producing 335 horsepower and 440 pound feet of torque.

Source: MuscleCarOfTheWeek

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  1. Your research is flawed. This is NOT one of the cars raced in stock car racing. These street cars were produced in numbers meeting the minimum number of cars sold to the public, to allow race cars to be built from this body design.

    The end of the article states the engine size incorrectly

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