1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am

1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am

This car is so special because is one year only design and it’s a special edition of the one year only design. We introduce you this 1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am edition wearing a very distinct red white and blue paint skin. If you wondering were these cars came from, the answer is the Trans Am racing. In the late 60’s and the early 70’s Trans Am road racing was extremely popular, as was drag racing. We mentioned before the rule about the Trans Am racing cars, that if the manufacturer was going to built this kind of vehicle they also had to have a street version of it. In this case AMC had to produce at least 100 versions of this 70 Javelin Trans Am.

1970 amc javelin

Under the hood of this 1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am we are going to find 390 cubic inch V8 machine creating about 325 horsepower which means a lot of power in a lightweight car. The transmission is Hurst 4-speed manual, the suspension is upgraded. Worth mentioning is the second place in Trans Am racing back in 1970.

Source: MuscleCarOfTheWeek

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