1970 Buick GS Stage 1 Convertible

1970 Buick GS Stage 1 Convertible

Here we are with a stunning classic muscle, 1970 Buick GS Stage 1. There is something special about this vehicles that made them recognizable and popular back in the days. This particular one has a nice blue paint on it with a white top, a very unique wheel covers that looks good and a very rare to be found especially today. But the one detail that makes this Buick special cannot be seen from the outside, the air-conditioning, almost unheard off on a Stage 1 four speed car, especially a convertible.

buick gs

This car is hard to find, only about 67 Buick GS Stage 1 Convertibles are produced by Buick Division of General Motors. This one it’s powered by 455 cubic inch engine that produces 360 horsepower and a 500 lb-ft of torque. As we mentioned before there is a four-speed transmission and the suspension is pretty much stock.

Video Source: V8TV

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