1970 Buick GSX – The Legendary Muscle

1970 Buick GSX – – The Legendary Muscle

Buick GSX Stage 1 version from 1970 was the optional high performance package available for the Buick Grand Sport (GS) 445, started its production in 1970. This version was Buick’s answer to GTO Judge produced by Pontiac and Oldsmobile 442 model. It wasn’t  very popular model back in 1970, and that’s why only 678 GSXs were produced.

1970 buick gsx

Today this is a very rare vehicle, it’s very hard to find one and this is one of the reasons, beside sharp muscle looks, for the popularity of this Buick car. Only 228 of the produced vehicles were equipped with the standard 455 package, the rest of the cars were equipped with the optional Stage 1, GS Stage 1 or GSX performance package. The engine performance relies on the torque, 510 lb-ft – at a low 2800 rpm.

Enjoy the video, thanks to RK Motors Charlotte

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