1970 Challenger 426 HEMI Convertible

1970 Challenger 426 HEMI Convertible

It’s hard to believe that a car looking this good and also a high-performance one, was limited at such low production numbers. There is only one logical explanation. It was really just a question of economics because the 426 engine itself added almost 30% to the price of the car. The crew that restored this 1970 Challenger did everything they could to make it as original as possible and keep this car looking exactly as the day it was built. Owning this rare car for sure is nothing less then pure joy and happiness, especially if you are Dodge / Mopar fan.

1970 challenger

As we mentioned before, under the hood of this ’70 Challenger there is a 426 cubic inch HEMI machine. This engine is producing 425 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque. The restoration on this vehicle is fantastic, it was used as an example in Mopar Magazine – how to properly restore a hemi car. The transmission is automatic.

Source: MuscleCarOfTheWeek

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