1970 Chevy Camaro 454

1970 Chevy Camaro 454

This classic muscle car is hand-built by one of the legends in Chevrolet performance, Dick Harrell. This 1970 Chevy Camaro was originally built by Chevrolet with 350 V8 engine under the hood, which is not really that spectacular. But, before it got sold to its first new owner, it visited Dick Harrell’s performance center in Kansas City,  place where different engines and higher performance parts were added to select muscle cars back in the days.

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Dick Harrell was known as ‘Mister Chevrolet’ and he was a very famous drag racer during the 60’s, and also a brilliant mechanic. About the engine of this nice looking Chevy Camaro, there is Chevrolet’s 454 cubic-inch or 7.4 liter LS6 V8 big-block engine, factory rated at 450 horsepower, installed by Dick Harrell himself. He also added some large diameter headers and special turbo transmission. This car right now has only 6000 miles on it and it’s not restored. In this case, it is believed  to be the only one 1970 Dick Harrell Camaro that remains, only 3 (or maybe 6) were built at the time. The original owner of this car went to Vietnam in 1974 and put the car in a barn.

Video Source: V8TV

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