1971 Plymouth GTX 440 – Best Mopar Video Ever

1971 Plymouth GTX 440 – Best Mopar Video Ever

‘Mopars’ are the most popular muscle cars in the world of the hardcore American muscle cars enthusiasts. People who own one of these evergreens can make a┬ápiece of art with customization or filming a video like this one. So what we have here? This is one gorgeous yellow painted 1971 Plymouth GTX 440, with large black 440 number along the body which represents the power of the engine. There is no doubt that every Mopar fan out there will do anything to own or just drive this vehicle.

1971 Plymouth GTX 440

Under the hood of this 1971 Plymouth GTX there is Chryslers 440 cubic inch – 7.2 liter big-block V8 engine, with six-barrel carburetor. This machine is producing more than 390 horsepower and the four-speed manual transmission system is transferring the power of the engine at the rear wheels. In the future we would love to see more and more of these amazing Mopar muscle cars.

Enjoy the video. Plymouth GTX from Rob Stolk on Vimeo

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