1972 Dodge Monaco – The Gangsters Ride

1972 Dodge Monaco – The Gangsters Ride

We are looking at the 1972 Dodge Monaco and is completely opposite of what we are used to see every day. This is the least powerful, the lowest, the slowest, and the most gangster Mopar ever made, it’s more like a Yacht or honey bed with wheels. But it has everything that ordinary muscle cars don’t have, it looks awesome and you must love the interior.

1972 Dodge Monaco

This two door hardtop 1972 Dodge Monaco Coupe on our big surprise it has Shaker hood, but of all powerful Chrysler engines this Monaco is powered by small block 360 inch or 5.9 liter A-block V8 engine, which is factory rated at 175 horsepower. But in this case that’s doesn’t really matters because it has to offer that no other muscle car have.

Enjoy the ride, thanks to /DRIVE

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