1972 Plymouth Satellite – Sublime Green Station Wagon

1972 Plymouth Satellite – Sublime Green Station Wagon

We have seen so far most of the Mopar muscle cars, but we have not seen as this Sublime Green 1972 Plymouth Satellite Custom Station Wagon. Because there is always footage of the engine and interior, now we can’t see too much from the video, but for sure it is powerful like other Mopar family members.

1972 plymouth satellite

The 1972 Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon belongs to the third generation of Plymouth Satellite models, they were produced from 1970 till 1974 which after that period was replaced with Plymouth Fury model. The engines were the same for all Chrysler family, from 225 cubic inches or 3.7 liter, til the most powerful and famous 426 HEMI engine.

Enjoy the video, thanks to Jamboolio

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