Custom 1972 Pontiac Firebird

Custom 1972 Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac wasn’t the creator of the name ‘Firebird‘. This name was previously used by General Motors back in the 1950’s – General Motors Firebird. However the Pontiac Firebird was introduced the same year (1967) as the Chevrolet Camaro (platform sharing model). This particular 1972 model year belongs to the second generation (1970 – 1981) of Pontiac Firebirds. The body style of this second generation was 2-door coupe based on a F-body platform.

1972 pontiac firebird

This 1972 Pontiac Firebird is fully restored with monstrous hood scoops and huge air vents. The hood job combined with the black paint exterior job makes this car to look like a real bad-ass. Under the hood of this beast there is 350 cubic inch 5.7 liter V8 engine. This engine makes a hell of a sound.

Source: Jamboolio

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