1973 Plymouth Cuda in Mad Max Style

1973 Plymouth Cuda in Mad Max Style

The owner of this car says that he has so many different ideas about it, that he will never have enough money to realize all of them and the vehicle will never going to be finished. This 1973 Plymouth Barracuda looks like something out of the ‘Mad Max’. Black paint, black wheels, almost nothing inside of the car, but however it’s outstanding.

1973 plymouth cuda

This 1973 Cuda is a perfect example, especially for the younger generations, that you don’t need a new modern car to be the coolest driver out on the streets. Under the hood of this 1973 Plymouth Cuda¬†there is a Chrysler’s Small-Block 340 cubic-inch or 5.6 liter V8 engine, with aluminium head on it, making about 300 horsepower. We must say that the engine sounds so good, you can assure yourself about that on the video below. Enjoy

Video Source: /DRIVE

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