1981 Pontiac Trans Am – Turbo V8

1981 Pontiac Trans Am – Turbo V8

This is the car that featured in the movie Smokey and the Bandit 2, with the famous Burt Reynolds. Many people think that this movie (the first part as well) is a 2 hour commercial for Pontiac Trans Am. The thing is that when the production of these vehicles started back in the early 70’s, these cars actually had power under the hood. The basic shape is pretty much the same, but the thing that classify muscle cars it’s not there anymore.

1981 pontiac trans am

The turbos in the 1980’s were still a brand new thing and the engineers really didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Many people don’t know that Pontiac made a factory Turbo Trans Am (1980 and 1981). This particular model is 1981 Turbo Trans Am special edition powered by 301 cubic inch V8 engine producing about 200 horsepower and 340 pound feet of torque.

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