2015 Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series

2015 Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series

We are here at the 2015 LS Fest with some new interesting Chevrolet models for drag racing, drifting and autocross action. There are some new and a lot of veteran participants of the series. While the new ones are starting to adjust to the atmosphere, the veterans talk about their experience. The people attending at this LS Fest are looking forward for some good races and lot of adrenaline.

2015 chevrolet

When this event first start to organize, the people from the organization didn’t want this to be some kind of auto show where you just bring your car and nothing interesting actually happens after that. Because of that they brought auto crossing, drag racing, car show, dyno challenge etc. A lot of things are happening all the time, even the car show guys are doing something with their cars not just sitting still.

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