2015 Ford Mustang GT under 10 seconds

2015 Ford Mustang GT under 10 seconds

Earlier this year, for the first time was introduced the new 2015 Ford Mustang GT and now already some of the best tuning houses wants to extract the maximum of his power. The best way to show their work is put on the drag track and squeezing the last drop of power from the engine. The Bama Performance team is first that manage to take new 2015 Mustang GT under 10 second in the 1/4 mile.

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Bama Performance team to achieve this kind of performance they had to modify and upgrade the engine, weight reduction and also dramatically to improve the handling. But most importantly, they had solved the nitrous problem with 302 Boss Intake Manifold which in combination with the FTW Purple fuel they had succeeded to cross 1/4 mile in just 9.91 seconds at a speed of 135.41 mph.

2015 Ford Mustang GT 02

For more details please watch the video below, source: AmericanMuscle.com

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