2015 Galpin Rocket Mustang – In Details [VIDEO]

2015 Galpin Rocket Mustang – In Details [VIDEO]

Before few months it was announced the 2015 Galpin Rocket Mustang, where beside some photos there wasn’t an official video till now. Now we can see the car in details: exterior, interior and of course the engine. Galpin with this Rocket Mustang have succeeded to achieve a combination between style and performance, powerful engine with beautifully styled carbon fiber body and leather interior with Recaro bucket seats.

2015 Galpin Rocket Mustang

The weight of equipment which is installed in this Mustang as the big wheels and tires, the suspension and brakes and also the engine modifications are neutralized with carbon fiber body panels. The base Powertrain is a Ford 5.0 liter V8 Coyote engine with GT Performance package with factory 435 horsepower, as addition is installed massive 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger which boost this engine up to 725 horsepower. This kind of unique Mustang doesn’t come cheaply, the price is nearly $110,000. Enjoy the video bellow.

Source: Carcast with Adam Carolla

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