2015 Mustang GT VS The Classic ‘Villain’

2015 Mustang GT VS The Classic ‘Villain’

The ‘Villain‘ is actually 1968 Mustang that we call pro-touring. Pro-touring is classic sports car, generally American made, restored and modified with modern componentry. For some people this is modern car in an old car suit. From the inside there are new seats, wheel, air-conditioning and an unbelievably loud stereo. From the outside there are a lot of things but all that in a package that weights 300 pounds less than a new Mustang. It will take years to built this car by yourself.

2015 mustang gt

On the other hand, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT is modern modern. People say that this is the first truly modern Mustang. Like they say, this is very important car for America. It’s sort of an ambassador sports car in the whole world. Enjoy the video and see how these two cars can be compared.

Source: /DRIVE


  1. It’s a restomod! And I’d take the old school every time. The new car is too generic in its Asian and Euro design cues.

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