61 Cadillac DeVille – Racing Edition

61 Cadillac DeVille – Racing Edition

When you look at this car, the first thing crossing your mind is, who the hell makes a Race Car out of a 61 Cadillac Deville. The owner Willie Taitano says that he own (owned) around 300 cars, at least 120 of them were Cadillacs. This particular custom 61 Cadillac Deville is his daily driver. The name of this evil looking classic is Mary Jane. It’s named after a Rick James song, the first song played on CD inside this vehicle.

61 cadillac

The red imitation alligator skin interior is basically everywhere, the seats, the door panels, the central console etc. The engine inside of this Caddy is 472 Big-block producing a decent amount of power, over 500 pound feet of torque combined with the range from 375 to 400 horsepower. Enough power for a car that looks like it’s out of a Mad Max movie.

Source: /DRIVE

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