61 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol

61 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol

This thing was built for the American highways. The 61 Dodge Polara that we got here is the real deal, and it’s super rare these days. Back then, Dodge Dart was the police package from this Chrysler corporation, and this change was kind of a problem for them. We are looking at one of only two known 1961 Dodge Polara CHP restored vehicles, an original police car with factory police package.

61 dodge

Dave Skaiten, the guy that restored this 61 Polara Highway Patrol vehicle says that the car was in really bad shape when the restoration started. Under the hood of this Dodge there is a 383 cubic inch engine capable of producing 332 horsepower and 406 pound feet of torque. Another interesting fact about this police vehicle is that the top and the drive-wheel are painted in white because of the high temperatures on the freeways around the States especially in California.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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