65 Mustang With Racing Career

65 Mustang with Racing Career

The relationship between this 65 Mustang and its owner is something special. On a first sight, because of the color combination, this vehicle looks like Shelby GT350, but actually is Ford Mustang Fastback version. Addison Lee (the owner) has this car since he was a teenager. After some number of years he became and currently is a competitor in the SCCA Spec Mustang series.

65 mustang

Because it’s not a Shelby GT350 this vehicle has been treated to a number of serious performance upgrades, like suspension and brakes. The engine was upgraded too. We are talking about 347 Stroker capable of about 430 horsepower and 430 pound feet of torque. The racing costs the owner a lot of brake pads and tires, but that’s the price you need to pay in this business.

Source: Petrolicious

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