66 Chevelle – LS Powered and Vintage Looks

66 Chevelle – LS Powered and Vintage Looks

Owning a car like this  is a real pleasure, but doing experiments on it that’s a different story. The owners of the classic American vehicles often think about changing something on their cars, for better performance or better looks. The story behind this 66 Chevelle goes like this, first – it’s LS powered, second – during this episode of Hot Rod Garage an ABC Performance Min-tub kit is being installed.

66 chevelle

The host Tony Angelo and Lucky are getting busy by chopping up the frame and the body to get a room for work. They are doing everything smooth and careful because it’s Lucky’s personal car. One of the most important things, when they finish the job, is to free more space for bigger tires. After the new 315/35/17s are installed, this 66 Chevelle is looking good and ready for rockin’.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

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