67 Chevy Camaro VS 70 Dodge Super Bee

67 Chevy Camaro VS 70 Dodge Super Bee

This is one rare classic muscle car shootout between two very interesting and popular vehicles – 67 Chevy Camaro and 70 Dodge Super Bee. There is a lot of history in both of these cars, the very best of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The engine of the Dodge Super Bee is 484 cu in HEMI which is based on the 426 – making 600 horsepower.

super bee

The engine of the 70 Chevy Camaro is 489 cu in BigBlock Chevy but the big deal is 871 supercharger which makes a brutal torque and 700 horsepower. Speaking about the engines of these cars, both of them have electric fuel pumps and by putting fuel pump controlers you can stop the overheating the fuel pump and make the pump live longer.

Video Source: Motor Trend Channel

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