70 Chevelle – Refined Muscle Car

70 Chevelle – Refined Muscle Car

Looking at this 70 Chevelle, there is one pretty complicated question, can you over-modernize a muscle car? If you do that, does the word “muscle car” disappears and the car becomes a sports vehicle in some way? Well, the answer is no. Whatever you built, whatever you change on your muscle car is because you want it that way and you are enjoying it. Of course we have full trust in every muscle car enthusiast out there that he will get the best out of his car.

70 chevelle

Here we have one very nicely customized 70 Chevelle. We’ve seen a lot of modified Chevy Chevelles in the past, simply because it’s one of the most popular muscles ever and also the perfect car for customizing, but this particular one is kind of special. It is a combination of classic elegance and a modern charm. Under the hood of this perfectly orange/brown painted Chevelle there is LS2 engine capable of producing 580 horsepower and 530 pound of torque.

Source: /DRIVE

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