8 Future Trucks and Buses – MUST WATCH !!!

8 Future Trucks and Buses – MUST WATCH !!!

It’s simple, every single one of us wants to know how our future will be. This is an oportunity to see what kind of future trucks and buses we’ll have. Every one of them is specific and inovative in their own way. The countdown starts with the 2025 Mercedes-Benz truck. It¬†drives by it self using high tech solutions. The drivers who drove this truck say that the feeling is strange but after few miles (km) you get used to it.

future trucks

The list continues with these vehicles:

  • Walmart Advanced Truck
  • Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
  • Willie Transparent LCD Bus
  • Freightliner Inspiration Truck
  • Transit Elevated Bus
  • Iveco Z Truck
  • Navya Arma Mini Bus

Watch the video bellow for more information.


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