Award Winning Chevy Silverado

Award Winning Chevy Silverado

There are people out there who simply enjoy customizing the cars or trucks they love. Chuck Mallet from Mallet Cars built this 2014 Chevy Silverado specially for the SEMA show. It’s an interesting retro styled truck combined with modern high performance. Front and rear all chrome bumpers are product of 200 hours of work. The grill is also a custom fabricated piece of art. The chrome details and the grill are perfect combination with the red and white retro-looking paint. The wheels are 1956 reproduced hubcaps that fit on 22 inch rims.

chevy silverado

This customized Chevy Silverado is powered by custom built 6.2 liter L86 V8 engine creating huge 800 horsepower. The transmission is factory 6-speed automatic. As the title says, this is an award winning vehicle. This truck came back from SEMA show with the GM Design Award for Best Truck.

Source: Chevrolet Performance

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