Awesome 50 Years Of Ford Mustang

Awesome 50 Years Of Ford Mustang

One week ago we all have watched the official 50 years of Ford Mustang Anniversary video, but the Mustang enthusiast from Laconia, New Hampshire have done in their own way. They have made an awesome video for 50 years of Ford Mustang, but the models in this video are just amazing. From super tuned, to police patrol Mustang and if you are interested more, there is a list below with all Mustang models. This time we are not going to talk about performance, just let you enjoy the video.


Featured Mustang’s:

#1 1969 Fastback Mustang

#2 1989 JBA DOMINATOR Wide-body Mustang

#3 1991 “FHP” Florida Highway Patrol Mustang with Police Lights

#4 1992 Supercharged Convertible Mustang

#5 1995 Turbo Mustang

#6 2006 Supercharged Mustang

#7 2010 GT500 Convertible

#8 2012 Boss 302 Mustang

Source: SmokinStangs

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