’67 Gran Sport 400 – The Best Buick Muscle Car

’67 Gran Sport 400 – The Best Buick Muscle Car

Is this the best Buick muscle car ever? Well, it seems like that to us. Take a break from whatever you are doing in this moment and find a little time to check out this stunning 1967 Buick Gran Sport 400. When you think about classic Buick vehicle, the first thing crossing your mind is the 1969 GS or 1970 GS model year. But, as you can see that’s not the case here and this one is as cool as an “old” Buick can be.

buick muscle car

The 1967 Buick Gran Sport and maybe all of the GS models are one of the most underrated classic muscle cars of all time. They are underrated in both segments, design and performance. Speaking about the performance, under the hood of this custom classic there is a 455 cubic inch machine with Stage 2 aluminum heads. This engine is capable of producing huge 630 horsepower.

Source: /DRIVE

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