Camaro – “Pro Daily” Build

Camaro – “Pro Daily” Build

This Camaro is described in the term “Pro Daily“. What that means is this car is not a full Pro Touring or a Pro Street car, but it has the best attributes of a daily driver and the best attributes of today’s modern sports cars. This 1969 Chevy Camaro was build around that philosophy, that means it is comfortable in any arena – street or even a race track.


The owner of this Camaro says that he wanted this car to stay traditional, that’s why it has a carburetor on top of the engine. The engine itself is a pretty strong producing 500 horsepower and 515 pound feet of torque. While every single customized Camaro out there has an LS under the hood, this one is still old school and can compare with the others in every way.

Source: /DRIVE

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